BACKBAR: Forehead Occlusion Patch™ x 10

Recommended Service Charge: $35

Our silicone patches are the most natural and effective way to deliver extra moisture to your skin to tighten fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

They will leave skin feeling prepared for either your skincare/makeup routine or for a day/night of bare skin.


Smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Deliver extra moisture to the skin to tighten fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

Reduce & prevent the appearance of frown lines, 11's, & brow droop.

Regulate collagen production to prevent sagging and wrinkles.

Prevent the need for medical procedures such as botox, fillers, or laser resurfacing.

STEP I: Cleansing
If the client has makeup or impurities on their forehead, gently cleanse the area with a mild and non-irritating cleanser to create a clean canvas for the treatment.

STEP II: Remove Product
Gently remove the product with warm compress and pat gently with a tissue to remove any product from the forehead. Making sure all the product is removed from the skin before applying the Dermaclara Forehead Patch.

STEP III: Apply Dermaclara Forehead Patch
Remove patch from package and gently apply to the forehead.

STEP IV: Massage
Perform a gentle facial massage using slow, circular motions around the patches. Focus on releasing tension and stress in the temples of the head and cheek areas.

STEP V: Acupressure Points
If trained in acupressure, gently apply pressure to specific points on the forehead, such as the third eye or temples, to further alleviate tension and promote relaxation.

STEP VI: Remove Dermaclara Forehead Patch
Gently remove the forehead patch and store appropriately for the client to take home at the end of their service.

STEP VII: Application of Soothing Gel or Serum
Apply a soothing and nourishing gel or serum specifically designed for the forehead area. Use gentle upward strokes to massage the product into the skin, promoting relaxation and hydration.

STEP VIII: Cooling Forehead Compress
Apply compress to the treated area for a few minutes. The cool sensation can help reduce inflammation and enhance the experience.

Time : 20-30 minutes
Cost Per Txt:


SILICONEFUSION™ Patch - 100% medical grade silicone

Our OCCLUSION PATCHES™ will leave skin feeling prepared for either your skincare/makeup routine or for a day/night of bare skin.


  • (10) x SILICONEFUSION™ Forehead Patches BACKBAR

Patches are reusable up to 30 times.

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