BACKBAR: Neck Occlusion Patch™ x 10

Recommended Service Charge: $35

Our silicone patches are the most natural and effective way to deliver extra moisture to your skin to tighten fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

They will leave skin feeling prepared for either your skincare/makeup routine or for a day/night of bare skin.


Smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Deliver extra moisture to the skin to tighten fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

Prevent & treat neck lines and wrinkles.

Regulate collagen production to prevent sagging and wrinkles.

STEP I: Preparation & Positioning
Prepare a comfortable treatment area for the client to lie down. Provide a soft cushion or neck roll to support their head and neck during the treatment. Use a warm damp towel from your warmer, roll the towel and place it gently under their neck. Ensure the client is positioned in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

STEP II: Cleansing & Exfoliation
If appropriate for the client's skin type, cleanse the neck area with a mild cleanser to remove any impurities. Consider gentle exfoliation to slough off dead skin cells and improve product absorption but be cautious with sensitive and crepe skin

STEP III: Massage (10 minutes)
Perform a relaxing shoulder and back of the neck massage using slow, soothing motions. Focus on releasing tension and stress in the neck and shoulder area. Remove all product from
the neck area before applying the Dermaclara Neck Patch.

STEP IV: Apply Dermaclara Neck Patch (20 minutes) Remove the patch from its package and gently apply the patch to the client’s neck. Allow the client to relax while the patch works its magic. Offer a hand and arm massage or a scalp massage while the client relaxes. Continue massage and circulation practices while allowing patch to sit.

STEP V: Removal of Neck Patch
Gently remove the Dermaclara neck patch and store them appropriately for the client to take home at the end of their service. If there is any remaining residue from the treatment, massage the product gently into the skin.

STEP VI: Application of Nourishing Neck Serum
Apply a specialized neck serum containing hydrating and firming ingredients to the neck area. Use gentle upward strokes to massage the serum into the skin, promoting better circulation and product absorption.

STEP VII: Application of Neck Cream or Moisturizer
Finish the treatment by applying a nourishing neck cream or moisturizer. Use upward strokes and light pressure during application to support the firming and tightening of the neck skin.


SILICONEFUSION™ Patch - 100% medical grade silicone

Our OCCLUSION PATCHES™ will leave skin feeling prepared for either your skincare/makeup routine or for a day/night of bare skin.



Patches are reusable up to 30 times.

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